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    LOGIC Disposable Electronic Cigarettes were created to help to find a smart, alternative way for traditional smokers to avoid the 4,000 toxins that are in cigarettes including: tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide and other chemicals. LOGIC Electronic Cigarettes  is the only brand to offer “Real Cigarette Sensation Technology”. This technology uses 9 combined pending patents to help mimic and satisfy a traditional smokers 4 addictive habits.  This breakthrough satisfies a smokers craving for the nicotine, flavor, hand to mouth motion and the smoke released when exhaling.
    It’s a fact 4 out of 5 smokers prefer Logic electronic cigarettes over other brands for this reason.

    LOGIC is another option that allows you to avoid that lingering smell, second hand smoke, ashes and pollution to the environment.

    LOGIC produces a disposable cigarette that is user friendly and can be used almost anywhere. In fact Logic only manufactures disposable and no rechargeable electronic cigarettes after extensive research, revealed that most rechargeable electronic cigarettes on the market leaked nicotine, lost their vapor, had low battery power, poor flavor, the need to change filters and most of all a low quality of smoke to fulfill that smoker’s craving.

    Now smokers never need to deal with the inconvenience of having to plug in wires and recharge their ecig when needed. With LOGIC you can receive instant gratification without any hassles. This Logic Ecig is fully battery powered and allows you to puff up to 300 times with just one as opposed to smoking 25-30 regular cigarettes on the market today. Once you have finished your LOGIC ecig you can simply dispose it and use another one. It’s that simple! LOGIC Electronic Disposable Cigarettes also come in 3 great flavors, tobacco, special blend and Montha with 4 different levels of nicotine, high volume vapor and the same quality puff as an actual cigarette.

    Also, all Logic products are hand assembled and individually tested for quality and reliability before being blistered packed air tight, to keep in the freshness of our flavor.



  • james julich 5:18 am on January 17, 2013 | # | Reply

    Call me asap!! I tested this vapor exhale on the best most reliable source!! No question it is not bad for anyone!! Trust me. I can guarantee it it!!

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